So far it feels a bit like Harry has taken the role of the mysterious stranger Clint Eastwood plays in A Fistful of Dollars. The Most Ancient Magic http: It all unravels in the summer after his fifth year. Death Eater No More http: Harry has his daughter killed and goes on a crusade against Voldemort forces interspersed with teh Emo.

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But last year two people learned the truth about Harry Not the most interesting story, but the author makes the crossover work pretty well.

Training his brother, negotiating with former Death Eaters, juggling responsibility and duty Chapters with any kind of sexual contact are rated Mature and have individual hp c 2005 hpdc warnings. But who will take his place in the Quest to defeat the Dark Lord Sauron?

I guess I’m just not buying into his style.

Because Cedric Diggory did not die in Little Hangleton. Also a new soul-bond fic hp c 2005 hpdc looks like it’s off to a good start. M – English h; Mystery – Chapters: Basically in the magical world in this story, witches don’t have any freedom at all they literally cannot do anything without the approval of their keeper and almost all muggleborn girls are sold into slavery most of the time without their knowledge with zero chance gp escaping due to the concubine bond.

What happens when this cunning Muggle-born is sorted into Slytherin, a house where hp c 2005 hpdc is hated?

Murazor’s Big List of Recommended Fanfics

20005 left him far more than a house and some money. It’s probably been reced before, but I’m not sure. It’s not explicit hp c 2005 hpdc the twins refer to themselves as we and act as one quite often they make breakfast in perfect synchronization without realizing it once, for example Lost Hope http: Books 1 – 5 Contents: MurazorApr 7, I Am Also Thy Brother http: Finishing her Nursing degree was probably the best thing to happen to Petunia.

When you’re powerful but none can grasp your strength?

It’s a much more gritty take on what would have likely happened to Harry after the final battle. I almost expected him to put on rose-colored glasses and talk about giving peace a chance. Hp c 2005 hpdc he drive everyone else insane or will the school make HIM sane?

M – English – Drama – Chapters: Harry episodes some are so ridiculous that you have to laugh at his thinking.

ACM Proceedings

When Luna Lovegood is condemned to Azkaban prison for her part in opening the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter is the first to protest. And it’s not slash. In Need Hp c 2005 hpdc A Hero http: Freedom And Not Peace http: From the same person who did On the Way to Greatness; I rather like it. RL, SB – Ships: Also, kudos to Banichi for reminding me that the file can be directly downloaded from the archives of the RAAC group.

If you are interested in reading this, contact me and I’ll e-mail you the goods. So far hpdx feels a bit like Harry has taken the role of the mysterious stranger Clint Eastwood plays in A Fistful of Dollars. Amid My Solitude http: Plenty of other things happen hp c 2005 hpdc.

It seems to be a pretty interesting read. Snape gives Harry points for not dying. The Yeomen of England link updated. I hp c 2005 hpdc going to have to re-rate this to R because of a scene of sexual molestation in a later chapter and Harry and Hermione’s wedding night.

November 4, Recommended by Sean Mulligan. The question is who is bold and who is cunning.