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Government during the period in which the petition must be filed, dlwnload may file it within 90 days of your return to the I 175 form pdf download States. The original affidavit must be submitted and also contain the following information regarding the person making the affidavit: The fee on this form is current as of the edition date appearing in the lower right corner of this page.

If you or your spouse are currently serving with or employed by the U. Have you resided at any other address since you became a permanent resident?

Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence | USCIS

I 175 form pdf download about the spouse or parent through whom you gained your conditional residence. My conditional residence is based on my marriage to a U. To access the system, visit our website at www. However, you may apply for a waiver of this joint filing requirement if: Signature of person preparing form, if other than above. If you have comments regarding the accuracy of this estimate, or suggestions for making this form simpler, write to the U.

Using a pencil or felt pen, lightly print your name and Alien Registration Number A downloda the back of the photographs. Affidavits sworn to or affirmed by at least two people who have known both of you since your conditional residence was granted and have personal knowledge of your marriage and relationship.

Financial records showing joint ownership of assets and joint responsibility for liabilities, such as joint savings and checking accounts, joint federal and state tax returns, insurance policies that show the other spouse as the beneficiary, joint utility bills, joint installments or other loans.

Our legal right downlozd ask for this information is in 8 USCand However, i 175 form pdf download USCIS fees change periodically, you can verify if the fee is correct by following one of the steps below: Form I Instructions Rev. An uncollected check will render the petition and any i 175 form pdf download issued invalid. If you were granted conditional resident status through marriage to a U.

If u instructions state that a copy of a document may be filed with this petition and you choose i 175 form pdf download send us the original, we may keep that original for our records.

We will return these originals when they are no longer required. If you do not completely fill out this form or fail to submit downoad required documents listed in the instructions, you may not be found eligible for the requested benefit and this petition may i 175 form pdf download denied. We may request more information or evidence, or we may request that you appear at a USCIS office for an downlowd.

The conditional resident filing this petition must submit two standard passport-style photographs of him or herself taken within 30 days of submission of the petition.

Often this is difficult because some immigration laws vorm very complex. Department of Homeland Security U. However, the i 175 form pdf download will not be released in any form whatsoever to a third party who requests it without a court order, or without your written consent. Visit our website at www.

You i 175 form pdf download file your petition with the required initial evidence. Place of Marriage 4. Submit copies of both front i 175 form pdf download back sides of the card. However, if you and your spouse are outside the United States on orders of the U. In Care Of Mailing Address, if different than above: You must file your petition with a copy of your Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Card, and a copy of the Permanent Resident or Alien Registration cards of any of your conditional resident children you are including in psf petition.

We try to create forms and instructions that are accurate, can be easily understood and that impose the least possible burden on you to provide us with information. If you do not completely fill out the form or file it without the required initial evidence, you will not establish a basis for eligibility and we may deny your petition. Government orders assigning you and your spouse abroad. The documents should cover the period from the date of your marriage to the filing of this petition.

The check or money order should be made payable to the U. You may file i 175 form pdf download petition downlad any time after you are granted conditional resident status and before you are removed. We ask for the information on this form and associated evidence to determine if you have established eligibility for the immigration benefit you are seeking.

The evidence must relate only to those factors that arose since you became a conditional resident. Evidence of the abuse, such as copies of reports or official records issued by police, courts, medical personnel, school officials, clergy, social workers and other social service agency personnel. Street Number and Name Apt. If you are filing ddownload waive the joint filing requirement because your marriage has been terminated, submit also a copy of the i 175 form pdf download decree or other document terminating fprm annulling the marriage with your petition.

Please answer all questions by typing or clearly printing in black ink. If you are still married, the petition should i 175 form pdf download filed jointly by you and the spouse through whom downolad obtained conditional status. Any petition that is not signed or accompanied by the correct fee will be rejected with a notice that the petition is deficient.

I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence

This form is for a conditional resident who obtained such status through marriage to petition to the U. Attach other sheet s if necessary. Checks are accepted subject to collection.