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An Installation wizard opens up. Please let me know your inputs. Click on Finish button on the Install shield wizard. I hope this helps!

Even though Dashboard is the first in the list, we will qx it last in our series, simply because it is an overall monitoring feature and it will be more practical to see the data that we actually create.

If you can help me on this that will really help me.

This information is set by your ALM Admin. Banking, Retail, Health Care etc. Once you are logged in, ALM window opens up and displays the module in which you were working last. Subject field is auto-populated on the tool based on the selected item. There is not much of a feature change in the new version than the earlier one, it is only an enhancement. A defect will be in Rejected status when a developer considers the defect to be invalid.

Thank you very much i needed this help and i am just yet taking very small tutoril. Defect lifecycle defines the phases through which a defect has to go through during its lifetime.

HP ALM Quality Center Tutorial (7 In-depth Tutorials) — Software Testing Help

Refer below links — 1 http: You will get other tutorials in coming days. Click on below image for an enlarged view. I have folowed Day-1 training. Please help me to perform this activity without any loss of data 65 Aarti Hi, I would like to download a trial version of QC project and create a test area for training purpose.

A defect is raised when there is a deviation between the actual result and the expected result. All the best and feel free to reach out to us in case you have any questions. The below screen will appear. I would be thankful if you could help me. If the retest has failed, a tester has to reopen the defect and assign the defect back to the developer.

Hi, I am a fresher,please tell me more about Quality center and the interview question based on QC. How do I get them?

HP ALM Quality Center Tool Tutorial (7 In-depth Tutorials)

However, there is a lot of difference between being able to navigate through the tool and being able to exploit its potential to benefit your project.

The below web page will open up. A defect will be in New status when a defect is raised and submitted.

Hi, I am having an issue in QC 10 where defect comments are duplicated for all users. A defect will be in open status when a developer has reviewed the defect and starts working on it if it is a valid defect. Do I need them also? Thanks 38 Swati Seela sayed: This will be a complete online training in 7 in-depth tutorials.

Even if you have never used it before, chances are you will be able to figure out how to in a really short time. Are you aware of other interesting facts about this tool apart from the ones mentioned above? It is a very simple tool to use, extremely user-friendly. We are coming up with an article for QC installation. The simplicity and ease of using this tool make it the ideal choice for many organizations worldwide.

This is a brilliant piece of work. So, I am guessing you encountered this error while you were configuring the server. Thanks a lot for providing such a wonderful tips. After using QC for a few years, I had to relocate and its been a while since I have used QC… It will be nice to refresh with this tutorial! About us Contact us Advertise Testing Services All articles are copyrighted and can not be reproduced without permission.

Hp-QC Tutorial

Tutoral 11 is much more fluid and intuitive as compared to the earlier versions — QC… 31 Rajesh i have one dough am using qc Its done very professionally. It includes modules for requirements, test, defect, and development management, and overall release and project planning. Installation, how downloqd create scripts etc 71 revanth Hello friends, Could u please send links about alm 11 or Could you please let me know if ALM Tutoril has been very useful to me downloading and installing the evaluation version, with a view to recommending it to my employer.

Send Email functionality is available on all the modules of this tool. We are giving some time between the tutorials so that the readers have time to catch up.