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Allow time for students to record their observations. Native Codec Supported for Editors.

After instruxtions the stages in cell division see the Mitosis Note page belowI provide a set of templates see Mitosis Book below for them to use to make a flip book. Visit my Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

Visit her webpage on Facebook for more details and pictures of completed projects! The egg in corn syrup and molasses will decrease in size because water from inside the egg flow through the membrane into the syrup or molasses.

The final activity challenges students to create their own food webs to help their downoad survive during the Brain Pop Food Fight game. Observant students will not only notice an increase of volume in the beaker, but they will also see a thin layer of water resting on top of the syrup and molasses.

Students can provide expected rates of occurrence for each trait based on the parent’s traits and compare those to the results of their classmates. The corn syrup and molasses molecules are too large to pass through the membrane. From phase to phase, they must draw diagrams to show the changes that occur throughout the process. During class, place a tea bag in a beaker of warm water.

Students should carefully remove the egg from the beaker and record its measurements. Mitosis Flip Books T.

Before conversion, you can preview the final result of the video; 2. A link to the instructios is available in the PowerPoint presentation for this lesson.

Instructoins you find a problem, please send me an e-mail. Need more ideas for your microscope unit or want ideas for additional stations? To prepare for the activity, have students carefully measure and record the circumference of the raw egg as well as its mass. Batch Conversion If you have a lot of Flip videos to convert, you can do it in batch. This download provides project guidelines, student information, and project worksheets.

During this lab activity, students observe the characteristics of life as they complete the lab worksheet. Protein Power Game T. The students can then draw the baby smiley and compare the results to the parent smileys. However, the liquid scent molecules were too large to pass through the membrane. The shoe box smelled of the scent even though it was only placed on the inside of the balloon due to the fli; of diffusion.

More lessons for Biology are available at The Nature Center – Lesson Page – Explore an assortment of lesson ideas and links to explore the natural world. Refer to the Student Worksheet below for details and instructions. Genetics with a Smile Wrapping It Up pdf – Use this page after the smiley faces are completed to wrap up the activity.

Protein Models pdf – This page shows the protein models the students need to make during the game. They are sure to find little critters zooming around the slide. I provide this worksheet with the student worksheet for the stations, so students can work on the puzzles using any extra time they have after finishing station activities.

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To make sure the lid stays on the box, use masking tape to secure it. Microscope Mania Unit Materials: The bubbles of carbon dioxide that form camear the egg and rise to the surface are evidence of this reaction. Mitosis PowerPoint – Thanks to Julie Camp for sharing this powerpoint related to asexual reproduction. Thanks to Jody Hodges for developing this great project!

I started this new project in the fall of as part of my Ecology instrucitons for my 8th grade students. How to Convert Flip Videos? You will also need the classification mats, which needs to be printed regular-sized paper and taped together to form one mat.

Tomm, Havana Junior High, Havana, IL During this lab activity, students observe the characteristics of life as they complete the lab worksheet.